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Scene Magazine’s Best of Cleveland 2011:
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Best Photographer: Herb Ascherman

If modern gadgets have made everyone a photographer, they have also accentuated the artistry of Cleveland’s Herbert Ascherman Jr. A black-and-white portraiture specialist whose career has spanned four decades, Ascherman favors platinum printing, the 140-year-old process by which a negative of the image is placed on platinum-coated paper and exposed to ultraviolet light. You don’t find that at the Walgreens photo lab, and talents like Ascherman are equally rare.

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Herb Ascherman and his camera

Herbert Ascherman Jr. has been creating fine art and professional portraiture for more than 40 years, specializing in black and white and the resurgent art of platinum photography.

Internationally recognized for his photographs of people in creative, commercial, and social settings, HerbĀ“s work has been exhibited and commercially published throughout the US, Europe, Japan and India.

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